Our Principle

Abundance Oncall’s work is based on the principle that our conscious and subconscious thoughts deliver to us, whatever we are sending out in the universe. It is, therefore, very important to work towards putting out positive thoughts. Laws of Attraction and Abundance are always at work for the good of all with an infinite supply of all things beautiful.

Action – the distance between our dream and reality       
Birth- everything has a point of origin in the Universe   
Unique –be one of a kind in whatever you do 
Network – all relationships are important 
Determination – decision to get started and keep moving
Abundance- attitude of gratitude 
Nexus - our focal point 
Compassion- awareness of being interdependent 
Empathy- understanding and connecting with someone
Original- inspired from the heart, mind and soul     
Nurture - to care that provides optimal growth
Creativity- acceptance of mistakes while having fun
Appreciation- acknowledgement of our everyday blessings 
Love- the ultimate most powerful universal language
Learn- work in progress


What’s behind the logo?

When we think of abundance, our thoughts go to nature, and there is no nature to appreciate without the serenity of the green trees. As above so below. A tree is only as strong as it’s roots. Tree is a symbol of life, renewal, rejuvenation and hope.  A tree is a home for many, a safe shelter during storm, shade for a tired traveler to rest his head and sustainer of life itself on this planet.  All this plus more, yet it does it unconditionally for all without any restrictions and barriers. It is the same tree of life that has become synonymous to our brand.