Setting Intentions- The Power of 'Your Thoughts'

Intention, focus, purpose, aim, direction - whatever you choose to call this thought process, it is simply the determination of the mind to pull in and direct it’s energy towards one specific goal.

We hear about setting goals in our early stages of schooling. We are trained in sports to focus on the results. In our work, we are asked to aim and reach the target. Throughout our lives, we are consciously and subconsciously being made aware of the power of our thoughts. Yet, at the same time we are also taught how to create self-doubt and become a self-critic preventing us from reaching those very goals we have been told to focus on.

Intention is having a purpose so strong that it will have the power to automatically move the obstacles out of our way to help us reach our desired reality. How can you harness the power of intention and use it to your advantage? 

“Our intention creates our reality.’ Wayne Dyer

Incorporate the proven exercises below to see how the power of intention improves your ability to stay focused and do it with such powerful intention that it manifests the desired results every time 100% of the time.

Get clear on what you want

Yes, there are many desires and dreams we would like to come to fruition. However, we must begin with one that seems immediately most urgent.  Always, begin with a deep breath, sit in a calm quite place and let your mind settle. Where does your thoughts wander off to? Train your mind and bring it back to where you want it to go. Pick one desire, dream and stay on it for a minute. Visualize it expanding and pushing away all other distracting thoughts. Can you see it in most vivid and clear colors? Take a deep long belly breath, hold it in for a count of 10 and breath out s-l-o-w-l-y, as if you are blowing a wish on a specific candle far away. Great, you got clear on what you want.

“Whatever you stay focused on, begins to manifest and show up more in your life.”- Unknown

Write it down

Now that you were able to narrow down what you want,  write it down. Write it in present tense, as if it is happening right at that moment. e.g.: “I am a very successful business owner”, “I am happily married” etc.…you get the idea. Get creative and put down as many vivid details as you can in your journal or sheet of paper. As you write it out, speak it loudly so you hear it as well. How does that feel? It’s as if you are already living in that moment, right? Take it up a notch and create a visual with photos and get a vision board going. 

Believe it     

If you don’t believe in your dreams then how can you convince the Universe that your dreams are worth enough for becoming a reality. Trust in the process. How bad it is that you want it? Ask yourself, what would your reaction be if you were living your dream right now? Would you still have a sense of lack or would you feel a sense of satisfaction. Believing in your wish is seeing it, feeling it, sensing it and experiencing living it. Before you know, your wish and dream is already manifesting right before your eyes.

Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize.” – Unknown


It is said that an attitude of gratitude is one of the most important aspects to manifesting our intention. Ask yourself, if your intention is for good or for evil. Is your intention to bring you love and joy by taking it away from someone else? Then the intention is not pure. Impurities in the frequency of your intention will render it weak. However, an intention set in motion with a grateful heart will give it infinite boost. It will show the Universe you are pleased and thankful for what you already have; you appreciate everything that is provided for you. When the Universe sees your intention is coming from a grateful heart, it will deliver your wish tied with a big red bow. Show the Universe you deserve it.

Detach from the outcome

You’ve done great job so far. Now LET GO. You focused your intention on one specific goal, you wrote it out and you already visualized it. Do not hold on to it. Remember, you already believed it is going to take place. Do not doubt it. Now let the Universe align the timing to when it will deliver. Go about your day, and be excited that your intention is already in transit to manifest any minute, here on.  That’s it. Once you experience this first time around, you will be rocking manifesting your intentions in no time.  

Power of intention summary is basically our ability to use our mind to focus our brain power towards one singular objective, until it fulfils all our needs. How about power of intention meditation? Meditating in in itself is a powerful source of relaxing and focusing our brain waves. Amp it up with the same level of intention as if you are trying to manifest. We forget what powerful beings we are that it is in our control to bring forth that which we desire only with the power of our pure intentions. 

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