Customer Experiences

We thrive on customer satisfaction and every time someone let's us know they are satisfied with our product or services, we get so excited that we call it a mini celebration for that day. It literally encourages us boosting our creativity further. In order to share everyone's experience, we now have a dedicated page where we will continue to post customer testimonials from time to time. 

Abundance Oncall has been an integral part in my healing journey. Rebecca has a calming presence that cultivates room for authenticity in your healing practice. I enjoyed her way of centering the wholeness in all of our experiences. Sound Bath sessions were extremely refreshing and allowed for my narrative to be shifted in alignment with the loving intention of the universe. Rebecca does an amazing job at bridging the mind, body, and soul together as she creates an informative environment that is in-tune with the depths of our emotional experience. Abundance Oncall is dependable, intentional, and aware of the intricacies within our spiritual practice and journey. It was extremely satisfying to receive spiritual wisdom and guidance in a holistic genuine way.  I am grateful to have met Rebecca and I am looking forward to our collaborations and healing sessions to come. Maya Pacheco 

I attended Rebecca’s complimentary sound baths and I am so grateful I was apart of them. Rebecca made the atmosphere feel very calming. And the sound bath experience was amazing. It was very healing as well as relaxing.

I definitely recommend Rebecca’s services! Nancy Rodriguez

I've attended three healing sessions so far- the Aura Clearing, Biofield Rework and Pyramid. OMG, seriously I feel like a brand new me- LOL. The Aura Clearing was first, that's what prompted me to book the second one. I clearly felt emotionally and physically recharged. Very interesting. Like feeling all happy and giddy. I do not think I've felt this positive and optimistic for a while and I mean I am very much into a fit and outdoor lifestyle. That made me try out the big BioField Recab session. Very very transformative. Besides, I ended up learning so much about how energy works and Rebecca truly has a gift of  healing. I was very impressed with her in-depth knowledge about the treatments and all the modalities available.  I loved her tastefully decorated Spa Studio. Very relaxing and checked out her corner tiny shop- wow it packs a good amount of her product line. Bought a few soaps, two bracelets and handmade wood art. I think I am going to make this my yearly wellness plan to get once a year treatment. I already shared with my friends and family the go to spot for personalized holistic tune up. Jen C.

I am thrilled to share my positive experience with Rebecca Peters and her energy healing business, Abundance on Call. I had the privilege of attending several complimentary chakra sessions led by Rebecca. Each session was not only insightful but also deeply transformative. Rebecca's expertise and calming presence created a nurturing environment where I felt comfortable exploring and balancing my energy centers. In addition to the chakra sessions, I also purchased crystals and energy bracelets from Rebecca. The quality of these products is outstanding, and I could sense their positive influence on my energy and well-being from the moment I started using them. One of the highlights of my experience was the energy aurora healing session. It was a truly

unique and powerful experience where I felt a profound sense of relaxation and alignment. Rebecca's intuitive approach and skillful techniques during this session left me feeling rejuvenated and more balanced than I have in years. What impresses me most about Rebecca and Abundance on Call is the variety and effectiveness of her offerings. Whether you're looking for insightful chakra balancing sessions, high-quality crystals and energy tools, or profound healing experiences like the energy aurora session. Rebecca has something transformative to offer. I highly recommend Abundance on Call to anyone looking to explore energy healing and enhance their overall well-being. Her dedication, knowledge, and genuine care for her clients shine through in every interaction and session. Thank you, Rebecca, for your incredible work and the positive impact you've had on my life!  CarmenLuz Vizcaino 

I had the pleasure of experiencing both group and individual services from Rebecca at her Abundance Oncall studio, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Rebecca's private complete biofield restoration treatment was truly transformative. Her approach was both gentle and deeply effective, leaving me feeling rejuvenated and balanced in ways I hadn't experienced before. Additionally, I attended a series of complimentary sessions focusing on chakra healing with Rebecca. These sessions were not only insightful but also incredibly soothing. Her expertise and intuitive understanding of energy healing were evident throughout each session, creating a safe and nurturing environment for personal growth and healing. Her dedication to her practice and genuine care for her clients are truly commendable. If you are looking to explore energy healing or are seeking a skilled practitioner to guide you through your healing journey, I wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca Peters. She is a true professional with a gift for helping others achieve balance and wellness. Nancy Franklin 

Rebecca from Abundance ONCALL gave me the most wonderful complimentary service as I was going through some personal health challenges. Rebecca did The Pyramid Healing on me, and I felt truly there was something
that shifted during as well as after the process. I could feel my sore knees getting better right there under the pyramid!  She was so kind and patient with me. I recommend visiting her for this experience and can't wait to do it again for more healing. I also love her bracelets. I have several and they are beautiful, meaningful, and very comfortable!  She also makes beautiful canvases with grids and crystals, and paints beautiful pictures and images. I give her 5 STARS for service and products. J.Hartman 

Rebecca is an absolutely amazing energy worker. Her expertise in crystals and working with the energy centers are greatly supportive for those who seek to better their health and life. She is also a great guide in life challenges. I was going through a difficult time with my son and she supported me to make a sound decision through intuition, knowledge, and expertise. Her healing gift minimized fear and supported me through difficult relationships! She’s an amazing singing bowl magician as well taking you on a spiritual journey with her beautiful music! Rebecca’s connection to this world and the spiritual world truly creates the bridge that people seek when they’re going through life challenges. K. Gecsey 

Rebecca from Abundance Oncall has brought so much joy to my life. This
business is run by one of the most kind and down to earth women I know who is
involved in the community, doing everything with love and good intentions. Abundance On Call is very unique and only offers the most premium quality crystals. They have bracelets, paintings, readings and classes. I highly recommend this amazing business to anyone interested in spiritual healing. Vanessa VanHolland 

Rebecca has been wonderful and answers all my questions. I have learned so much about Feng Shui and Chakras. Her energy is so calming and I love her yoga and sound sessions. I’m looking forward to trying more of her services and purchasing some jewelry and art. Thank you Rebecca!  Michelle M 
My Sound Bath experience: Finding time & space to relax / focus on solitude.  
It is also helpful to have guidance in the meditation. I didn't realize the need to tune out of all the daily bustle especially when dealing with sounds.  The realization of quietness daily is vital for introverts. Thank  you for my first experience with sound bath. Lynn
For anyone looking for beautiful spiritual gifts especially jewelry and art, I must say I have found my little boutique. I met Rebecca and Sam at a vendor event while browsing for a gift for my sister and mom. I ended up spending almost two hours in their beautiful pop up and bought jewelry and quite a few art pieces. Abundance Oncall has become my first go to stop when gift shopping. I have purchased, over the years, bracelets and pendants which are absolutely gorgeous and Rebecca's handmade soaps and had the privilege of getting my own Art Piece custom made by Sam.  Everything comes with a little story or meaning which makes it very unique. The best part, they provide undivided attention every single time. Keep it up you guys!!!! Megan Novak
In love with my purchase (Ruby Zoisite with Jaguar Charm). Came in a very timely manner. You have a beautiful collection of truly amazing stones that hold such love and care, in their design and their energy. Feel so much love and warmth that it feels like a hug and I cannot take these off. The package and the information cards are wonderful plus the planting of trees adds a lovely feeling of peace to the bracelet. Thank you so much. Mary Watts, Toronto Canada
I am clueless when it comes to anything related to stones and all, anyway I found Abundance Oncall by chance while browsing online and decided to reach out to them. Not only did I receive a response right away, they really helped me understand and help select the bracelet that would be beneficial for me. Over time, I have made several online and in person purchases, always satisfied. Last fall I wanted to buy a unique gift for a friend's housewarming and was introduced to these amazingly beautiful stone art- I guess they are called Crystal Grids. I have never seen anything like these before. Very well made and they look really nice on the wall. I bought one then and felt called to buy another one for me of course. I have since bought a total of 3 grids and these beautiful handmade cards. I also plan to book one of their wellness sessions before the year is over.  Emery E. Chaco

I bought a natural Amethyst Pendant and two Amethyst bracelets. I must say they are made of high quality material, I was surpised they did not cost more. They are high end and I am always getting complimented every time I wear my Amethyst sets. I also received a hand written Thank you note with my order. I really appreciate the care and personal touch. I am hooked and saved your site to my favs;) Will be buying more for sure. Denise C. (Tampa, Florida)

I have been a regular at Abundance Oncall site and also placed several custom orders over time. I like buying my jewelry and other healing products from them as they are not a reseller. Rebecca really puts time and effort into creating a few selective pieces so when you wear her jewelry you can be assured you will not find another person wearing a similar piece. That for me makes it very exclusive. I like it because it gives it a 'custom' feel and then the packaging. I'd buy just to get the beautiful box with the little cards of the crystals, charms and chakras. I always buy a few every year around Christmas as they make nice additions to family gifts and the men's collection is really nice. I've bought four two each of Tiger's Eye and one Hematite one-and I see my husband and son both wear them regularly. I am always excited to see what new ones she has in store. Worth the splurge. Aarti Hamilton

The first time I used Abundance Oncall's services was when my good friend recommended Rebecca for Feng Shui consultation. If you want an immediate position change, Feng Shui is the way to go. So just a quick background here- I had just lost my job, my adult daughter had zero motivation to move her life forward and we were really struggling financially as well as having consistent disagreements at home. Rebecca spent over three hours the first time and by the next day and after following her guidance and recommendations, get this- my husband got a promotion  so that was a welcome surprise, my daughter suddenly decided to enrol in a short term local community college course for adults and decided to get in touch with long forgotten friends (mind you she did not help in any capacity at all and was always depressed staying in her room 24/7 aside from getting food- she is 27). Fast forward to the end of the month, my daughter had already packed up and moved out. My husband's overall mood was way way better, I felt less stress and slept better and ended up renting the extra bedroom which in turn helped our finances. Talk about forward movement. Since then, I've often consulted Rebecca for different issues and her Feng Shui expertise always seems to get the blocks cleared. I am so glad I've found my go to Energy Help. Give it a try - there is truth to the movement of Chi.  Becky G.
Okay I am only buying soaps and cards from Abundance Oncall. Here  is why, each handmade soap is individually wrapped and comes with a cute little quote inside each one. They are fresh, lather well and everyone in my family has one so we end up buying a big batch to last us at least through the summer months. Then the hand made cards. I am not a card person although I love to receive them. But their handmade cards are very different and really well made. They are good size and each comes in their own plastic sleeve.  So far I am very satisfied and will continue to make my soap and card purchase there. I am not a jewelry person so not really checked that out but I am very interested in one of her healing sessions. So will be reaching out to them and see what I feel called towards. Marianna Sutter