We are a sister and brother team.

Our journey on the path of holistic wellness began in late teens as seekers of truth to what else. Over the years, curiosity turned into a quest for knowledge in order to gain more insight and for understanding the world from a bigger perspective. Having a solid spiritual and religious upbringing made it easier for us to dive into the realms of understanding the different paths of enlightenment arising from metaphysics. Our parents exposed us to many different cultures and world travels connecting us to the richness of human life across many lands. Making meaningful connections and friends along the way. The more we researched and become receptive to learning, the more doors of wisdom and knowledge opened; each one wider than the one before.  

“ I will only stop learning when I close my eyes on Earth.”

Vijay Crowther

Our goal here is to provide a space for unique no fluff handmade wellness products and intentional certified healing services; with the focus on positive motivation through our creativity. In our experience everything living or not emanates energy that falls in one of the spectrums of the color wheel. All vibrations are associated with certain emotions. From calming the energies of a space to adding vibrancy of positivity, we have tried to cover every aspect of human emotions to keep the frequency of happiness flowing. For there is no rush to create. What matters is how much time and energy we intentionally put in the creation of our products and the quality of the service provided. We arrive in this world with nothing and leave here with nothing. The time in between is what makes this journey worthwhile. Living our soul’s purpose in gratitude and joy daily.

 “Gratitude is the smallest key that opens the largest doors.”

Mohini Crowther  

As an evolving small business, we continue to raise the bar, and bring you new products. If you choose to follow us on Social Media, it will be much appreciated to get us more visibility. 

If you are reading this and made it this far, thank you for your support and time visiting our shop. We hope you find inspiration and the perfect gift for yourself or your loved among our collections. Our goal is to make you happy and highly satisfied with your purchases.

We are genuinely driven to make you smile.

Love and Light.