Giving Back

"Our mission is reforestation the world over. Our commitment is to help you feel more in-tune with nature and have a deeper sense of purpose and oneness."

*With your support in loyal purchases made through our store, we continue to plant trees and have covered the below geographic regions so far *


The earth is losing 18.7 million acres of forests every year, which is equivalent to 27 soccer fields for every 60 seconds. The Center of Global Development recently discovered that if the loss of trees continues at its current rate, forests with the same size as India will be destroyed by 2050.

Average of 3.36 million hectares of tropical forest lost, size of Belgium per year. 28 million hectares of forest is cut down every year. That number when added up averages 1 billion hectares cut down in the last 40 years alone. 1000 trees can reduce 1 million gallons of storm water run-offs. When forests are cut with no regard to life and ecosystems, the soil erosions and storm run offs result in increased floods. The 100 year flooding in urban areas are a frequent event now. Just 100 trees can remove 5 tons of CO2 and 1000 lbs of pollutants. Did you know that just 100 trees can help to remove almost 400lbs of ozone and 300lbs of particulates from the environment? Global green house emissions due to burns and deforestation have increased up to 12% and going up. The level of CO2 is highest ever, in the human history and that number is 416 parts per million. 

What can we do today to help save our planet? Our home. The time is now, today. What is our part in ensuring the natural balance is restored, the ecosystem is sustained, the natural habitats restored? You can help. 

Our small business goal is to do our part, by partnering up with organization like One Tree Planted, to ensure, a percentage from every purchase made from our store is contributed towards replanting trees. One small area, one small state, one small country  at a time. By your generous act of purchasing from our store you have become a valuable member of a global team working hand in hand for a healthy, brighter, and greener Earth. Come join us on our journey with, One Tree Planted, a global non-profit working towards reforestation the world over.

A percentage of all sales directly goes back in planting trees worldwide. We believe in continuing to support our beautiful green planet and replenishing its resources by planting trees to sustain the ecological balance one small step at a time.

Thank you for your support!