Ruby Recorder
Raw Ruby Pendant
RUBY | Power, Wealth, Manifestation
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RUBY | Power, Wealth, Manifestation

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Chakra| Sacral, Root

Inspiration | This unique raw Ruby pendant is inspired by the structure of the honeycomb which is represented by a hexagon. In sacred geometry, hexagons represent spiritual attainment. It is a symbol of organization, balance and harmony. Honeycombs signifies structure and intelligence. A literal storage place of honey which in turn is associated with affluence and plenty. The perfect shape of the honeycomb also means strength, industry and efficiency.

Benefits | Natural cut raw Ruby, also called a Ruby Recorder as it carries a natural raised triangle shape on its facet that is said to retrieve ancient information from past lives. Additionally, Rubies are considered a symbol of wealth and power. They drip with affluence and are called the king of all gemstones. Rubies are associated with protection, passion and positivity. It carries the element of fire and provides the wearer with personal power that attracts joy and prosperity in every aspect of your life. 

Wear this pendant to enhance personal power and radiate your magnetic personality. 
 Pendant Size 1.5 inches | Vegan Leather 16 inch Cord
Cost | USD $75.00
Activated | Cleansed with Sage and Charged over Selenite
Gift Ready | All our jewelry comes gift wrapped in a jewelry pouch and a box.
What's Included | One hexagon cut natural Ruby Stone pendant | A detailed description of the all crystals and charms used on that specific piece | A care guide for your convenience. 
Uniqueness | Every piece is hand crafted, made from natural gemstones and beads. Please expect slight variations in coloration and patterns. 
Our Promise | Every piece is designed with specific intention and meticulously put together using handpicked A- AAA Grade Quality Crystals, beads and charms. 
The Purpose | Plant one tree through One Tree Planted