Healing Art

Art, in itself is a powerful unspoken word which can provoke emotional response like none other. Ever notice, how we often stop and get mesmerized if we come across a beautiful piece of art work? Just for that moment in time, it distracts and disconnects us from the surrounding and transports us to an entirely different dimension. Art connects us on a personal level and stimulates our senses and expands our thinking.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

We are unconsciously caught, getting lost while watching someone create something amazing. When we create something with our own hands, there is an immense sense of satisfaction. Be it with a paint brush, can of spray paint, wood working, clay, beads, paper, ceramics, dancing, writing, baking, cooking, gardening… yes, they all are different expressions of what art is for someone. It provides instant therapy for the creator as well as for the audience. The very process of creating an art piece, any art, promotes healing and wellness from within. Like love, art is a universal language spoken and understood all over the world. It has been used to unite people across barriers and divides. It can heal the broken hearted, promote wellness, help to cope with trauma, provide hope, create excitement, relax your muscles, force you to think outside the box, give you an instant mood lift, add a chuckle, stimulate a conversation and change the entire dynamics of the space and time. This, is the healing power of art.

“A picture is a poem without words”- Horace

Healing art can be used to enhance self-awareness, cope with emotional distress, boost confidence and used to bridge communication gaps. It is proven that art can not only promote creativity, it helps with cognitive functions as well by developing motor skills and problem-solving abilities. Children are often able to draw what they feel but are not able to express in words. Creating or having stimulating art is like giving your brain a massage therapy daily. Scientific studies have shown that babies respond to beautiful colorful and or calming images. For children and adults alike, art therapy sessions can be anywhere from 6-16 weeks for the healing process to take place and show positive lasting effects.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls”. Pablo Picasso

We like to surround ourselves with art for our home, that which is motivating or inspiring. From simple words, to landscapes, to modern contemporary, to folk art or religious art. Whatever speaks to you or resonates with you. We want to show that which we believe and by showcasing it on our walls or how we decorate our home or office or any space we call our own. We feel safe and proud to express ourselves through these creative displays. After a long day of hard work, we like to go to our sanctuary at home.  We could be greeted with a beautiful seascape wanting us to book that long awaited vacation, or city scape reminding us of the fabulous city we live in, maybe it is an abstract art that seem to change in perspective depending what we are going through that day, or maybe you want a constant reminder of God and his angels around you, or it could be Feng Shui remedies you are trying to incorporate to usher in prosperity and blessings. From living room to our bedroom, what is it that brings calm and comfort? The last visual of the day before we drift off to sleep to recharge and rejuvenate for the next day.

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dreams.” Vincent Van Gogh

Art has energy. What kinds of energies would you like in your space? Colors have energy and symbolize different meanings. Add to that our own understanding of what our eyes see and what we perceive in our own mind. What might look like a child’s scribble to some, might jump out as beautiful harmony of colors of the rainbow to others. You might see just a rock, but for some, it might reinforce their own foundation, motivating them to stand firm in their circumstances. Blank walls convey emptiness and vacuum, attracting just that in your life. Bring in the joys of abundance and success back by adding some wall art, intentional art and see the amazing transformation of things in your own life.

“Art is a language. It’s not something that you can just learn to do and put it down. It comes from the heart.” Wyona Mulcaster


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