Connect with Angels

Per Webster's dictionary, an angel is a class of spiritual beings, a celestial attendant of God. An agent or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings. It could be a heavenly guide, a spirit, a supernatural being, an energy form or a vibrational higher frequency. It is an accepted notion that when we enter this world, we are automatically assigned a personal angel. From the time of conception to our birth and throughout our living years, we are supposedly walking with an angel besides us at all times, known as our Guardian Angel.

Oftentimes we delegate the idea of Angels to a simple myth, a fictional character, a fairy tale or a religious doctrine. We are quick to dismiss that they are anything more than our vivid imagination playing psychological games of make believe. Are they supernatural beings or energy forms? Maybe a figment of our finite minds trying to latch on to someone or something that is above the human form yet more approachable than the Holy God in heaven above? Some believe it is the souls of our dear departed who return in their heavenly bodies as flying weightless beings with special powers. That thought certainly is comforting and many swear by the experiences they’ve had. While some believe they are beings with higher divine power working under a supreme creator  and assigned with specific jobs throughout their existence. 

In the next few paragraphs below, I have attempted to share the steps I took in my journey to connect with angels and seek comfort during some of the most challenging times of my life. I hope this will help you as much as it has helped me and continues to be part of my regular spiritual practice. Revere their power and presence and know they work not on our commands but that of the supreme God but will intercede and facilitate help on our behalf.    

Quiet Place 

Begin first by selecting an ideal place, a quiet space free from distractions. It is essential you are able to detach from the surroundings in order to tune with the angel frequency. Your surroundings must feel calm and tranquil. A room with loud colors and bold prints might be too energetic to settle down. If you are like me, I prefer pin drop silence, even the ticking of the wall clock or the gentle hum of a refrigerator prevents me from concentrating. But that’s just my sensitivity to noise.  Some folks can easily tune out the surrounding cacophony of noises and feel perfectly in sync. Whatever, work makes sure you are able to get that space and time. A natural setting, like a park, your backyard, your porch or balcony all can be turned into your sacred space any time as long as you are comfortable.


In whatever you do, intention plays a very critical role. How are you showing up? What steps are you taking to make the angels feel welcomed in your space or to help you at all? Maybe light a small tealight, an incense, burn Sage to clear the space energetically, open the drapes for natural light and fresh air. Imagine, you are getting the place set up to welcome your best friend you have not seen in a while. Do you feel happy, excited, you spruce up the space, have the snacks out, bottle of wine perhaps? Show the angels you are intentional in connecting with them. Maybe put out a bowl of fruit, fresh flowers, desert…. okay, you do not need to get this elaborate but you get the idea. Create the right welcoming intentional space. Just clearing the clutter and lightening a small candle is good enough with the right intentions. 


One of the essentials of a successful divine connection begins with the practice of deep meditative state. Start with a steady deliberate slow deep breathing. As you breathe deeply you create a flow of fresh oxygen into your organs reaching deep into every cell. With every deep breath in and out  you will notice the stress of everyday life begin to lift away. You feel relaxed, completely ease reaching a normal range for your blood pressure. This is your time of reflection as well as gratitude. It is a time to engage your entire awareness, body, mind, spirit into oneness so you are able to sense the higher dimensional energies as it opens the gateway of connection. Show your appreciation and send love to the angels and in return be ready to experience their presence. Request them to show you a sign. It might happen then or at a later time. Maybe a particular name, a sound, a smell, a sight, coincidences, finding little surprises like a feather, a coin, seeing a number or color repeated again, someone calling you out of the blue with an unexpected message, a card falling to the floor, a flower....


If you made it this far, you are now ready to create a heart link with the divine realms. Our index finger is connected to our heart. Touch the index finger to the thumb with palms facing up, arms rested comfortably on your lap to create a heart link mudra. Imagine, a golden ray of laser like light beam moving up through the center of Earth, through the floor below moving up through your lower chakras, getting past the feet, pelvic area, your belly and reaching all the way to the center of your chest. This is your heart center, the point of harmony for your body, spirit and mind. Imagine the golden light beam continuing to  move up through your upper chakras, throat, third eye and finally the crown, moving higher beyond your eyes can see. This imaginary light beam you have created is your invite to the angels to connect their heart with yours.  


Now that you have achieved a state of relaxation and deliberate intention, you may now invite the angel of your preference and request them to accept your heart link invitation and connect their heart to your heart via the golden light beam you projected. This is the point where you are establishing a connection on a personal level with an angel. Imagine, this golden ray is like a two-way freeway where you send your wishes up and are ready to receive the blessings in return coming down from the heavens.


Make it a habit of making a conscious connection on a regular basis in order to sense the shift in the vibrational energy in real time. I’ll say it took me three times on three separate days over a period of a few weeks to sense any change and notice simple synchronicities. No, I did not see an angel appear or smell roses or find a feather  or anything dramatic like that. However, as I progressed in my meditative sessions asking for specific angel help, I did begin to find those subtle signs more regularly leading to more profound bold clear signs which cannot be shoved off as mere coincidences every single time. Some folks achieve this level fairly quickly, while for few folks like me it takes a while. 


Journaling helps. You will notice, there are some angels you connect with more on a regular basis. Choosing your angels is easy. From Angel Names, to colors and days of the week or virtues. I have a few favorite I like to request my help from. Pick the ones you feel drawn to during a particular time. 

Here are some of the angels associated with different aspects of our lives that you can begin to connect with. 

Courage and Confidence: Sarah and Celestina
Direction and Purpose: Gabriel, Ariel and Raphael
Harmony and Balance: Uriel and Ariel
Healing and Hope: Cassiel, Uriel and Raphael
Prosperity and Abundance: Ariel, Jophiel and Metatron
Protection and Guardian: Michael, Gabriel and Metatron
Love and Acceptance: Daniel, Cassiel, Ariel, Chamuel and Zadkiel
Spirituality and Divinity: Zadkiel, Metatron and Ariel
Support and Help: Celestina, Sarah and Sandalphon
Wisdom and Understanding: Gabriel and Ariel