Crystal Cleaning, Charging and Programming

Walking through any crystal store, we often pick up, touch and feel the gemstones or crystals in our hands. Same goes if we are shopping for beads, gemstone or crystal jewelry. For those of us who prefer online shopping, we could be getting our order from across the seas. From the time, a crystal is mined to the time it makes it to our home and into our hands, it probably has changed hands many times over, each time carrying a bit of energy from whoever touched it last. Now just for instance imagine, that during the process of transfer, it picked up something unwanted, could be just surface germs, bacteria or something more sinister perhaps, a negative vibe, some unhealthy energy. For these reasons alone, it is highly advisable to always, clean, clear and re charge any metaphysical objects especially gemstones, crystals. Why work with something stale with lingering unwanted energies.  

Ever notice, how when we get home, the first thing we want to do is wash our hands? I do it unconsciously even though I might have been just a passenger for a drive through pick up. More so, if I was out shopping. I even put all new clothes through the wash cycle, before they go in our closet or dry cleaning, same goes for kitchen utensils, bedding that is new and needs to be aired out. For me it has been a habit as far back as I can remember, something I feel as a necessary step before claiming it as my own. You get the idea.

Below are my tired and tested ways to cleanse and charge gemstones and crystals. Try out and see what will work for you.

Word of caution: Before you try out any of the ways laid out below, know the composition of the crystal and gemstone. Some fragile varieties might get permanently damaged or stained, so ensure you have done your homework and researched beforehand on which method will work best or try out on a smaller sized crystal and keep the duration short depending on which option you choose.  

1. Cool fresh running water:

Most will advise to entirely skip this step. However, I always prefer to rinse out all crystals and gemstones under cool tap water and often times dunk them in a gentle solution of diluted soap and water. What I notice is an immediate surface cleansing to remove lodged dirt particles, dust and oils left on them by strangers. After the quick rinse, dry them on fresh clean dish cloth or paper towels. Yes, I have washed my Selenite and Pyrite cubes as well. The idea is to not leave them sitting in water. Using cool not cold, clean water does wonders. You will be amazed at their cleaned gleaming surface. The colors suddenly become more vibrant. Again quick rinse, not leaving them sitting in water.

***Best part, if the gemstones are fake dyed stones or glass, most likely the colors will run and/ or your hand might get stained***

2. Smudging: holding the crystals through the smoke of burned incense or herbs such as Sage, Palo Santo or Lavender is a sure-fire way to remove any negative energies hanging around the gemstones from prior use. Hold the crystal or gemstone and wave it through the smoke wafting up. For multiple crystals, put them in a mesh bag or strainer and hold them over the smoke until they are completely engulfed all around with the smoke. It is also a great way to cleanse any space or room. Or better skip the smudging and use homemade smudge spray. (Recipe below).

Recipe for Sage Spray: soak fresh sage bundle (from your local grocery store) in water overnight. Next morning, remove the sage sprig and add few drops of alcohol, sage oil, lemon or peppermint oil, pinch of natural sea salt, a small piece of black tourmaline and quartz crystal. Fill a spray bottle. Viola! You got an equally effective way to clear the negative energy without calling the fire company. Not to mention, it is a discreet way to take care of the unhealthy energy😉. 

3. Natural light- Sunlight and Moonlight: Leave the crystals out under the morning sun to soak up the energizing solar rays during the daylight hours preferably morning sun which is less harsh, give them a bath of silver ray of the full moon in the evening hours.  About 4-6 hour for the moonlight since it is softer and an about 1-2 hours for the early morning sun rays rather than the harsh afternoon sun.

***This option not only cleans but also charges the crystals at the same time.*** 

***To amp up the cleansing effect even more, lay out the gemstones on a cheese cloth directly over the Soil to get Mother Earth’s natural vibrations as well or leave them on a mirrored tray, so the underside of the gemstone also gets the rays of sun and/or the moon***

4. Soil: You may also bury your crystals in a pot of soil or in your yard. Leave them in for 24-48 hours depending what kind of energies they were exposed to. Ensure that the soil is clean and clear of pet waste around. After the desired time has passed, remove the crystals from the soil and gently brush them with a soft baby brush or rinse under water. This is one of the safest ways, provided you are able to recall what spot you buried them. Take it a step further and bury them in a pot of soil that has your favorite or lucky plant or fruit tree in it. They are not only getting grounded, recharged and cleansed, they are getting the lucky vibrations from the plant as well.

***Soil has a cleansing effect while the magnetic field of the ground acts as a charger***. 
Please no plants with thorns or cacti.

***If you have jade or money plant, bury the crystals around them- why not right? Use the luck energies of these plants while the soil clears the gemstones***

5. Salt: Sprinkle a generous amount of salt, preferably natural sea salt or even pink Himalayan salt and bury the gemstones and crystals in it and leave them in, for at least 24 hours. After the desired time as passed, remove the gemstones and give them a quick rinse under water or brush them gently with a soft baby hair brush.  If you have access to ocean or sea or another natural body of salt water, you may hold the gemstones in a sturdy mesh bag as the waves come in and let them soak up the ions directly from the salty water- about 10-15 minutes will do.  If using salt, do ensure that the crystals can handle the salt content. Some crystals are fragile. Last thing you want is to dig up the crystals that have been eaten away by the salt overnight – yikes!

VERY IMPORTANT:  Discard the used salt safely in a garbage pail right away after the 1st use-do not use this salt again for any purpose.

6Selenite: If you have a Selenite wand (stick) or charging plate or even a small flat piece, you may leave your gemstones on it anywhere from 2-4 hours or more and they will be ready for use. Selenite is very purifying and self-cleansing crystal with high vibrational energy. If you have a selenite charging plate or singing bowl, I’d even put the contents of my wallet and the wallet itself as often as I can (just remember to get everything back and in order before you drive off). Trust me, I have done just that and gotten upset I left my wallet card and all at home- argh!!! Well, at least everything was getting charged and renewed😉

***Selenite is one crystal that cleans, purifies and recharges all at the same time, without compromising or loosing it's own potency.****

***Make it a habit to take out your crystals from your pockets, bag pack, bags, purse when you return home and leave them on the Selenite wand or plate, for an overnight cleanse and recharge, ready for use next day again.  I do this step every day for the past 3 years and now it has become a habit***
(just like you a have place for your phone to charge or for your keys to hang)
7. Essential Oils: Using few drops of essential or blessed oils in a bowl of water and leaving the crystals in them for at least 20-30 minutes, not only cleanses and clears the crystal of the unhealthy harmful frequencies, the crystals smell divine with a lingering healing aroma. Especially useful on crystal jewelry like bracelets, pendant, keychain, earrings. Use your own judgement if going this route.

***Be careful when using this method as some oil may leave a lasting stain damaging the value of the crystal***

8. Rain: Weather permitting if you are expecting rain, you may leave your crystals for nature’s showers with pure water from the heavens above. The healing ions are very high in natural rain water. Just ensure, you have the crystals on a sturdy plate or tray so they not get bounced around or get washed away. Rainwater is very healing and cleansing. Exposing your gemstones and crystals to natural rainwater is a very effective cleansing and charging solution.

9. Sound: Sound energy is an old method to break through blocks of any residual stuck and stubborn negativity. Soothing sounds bring about steady gentle vibrations and will shake loose and dissipate the unwanted elements. Place them around a metal or stone singing bowl, strike the bowl few times and let the sound reverberate around the gemstones few times. 10 minutes is good. If you can play any high frequency music or smooth instrumental sounds from your mp3 or boombox if you still use one, then place the crystals closest to the speakers and leave them for at least 20 minutes or more or until the track has played through. If you are using your fav artist’s album, pay attention to the kind of music and lyrics- very important. Gemstones act as record keepers so it is important that you are infusing positive good energies in them. What you feed them with is what they will store and radiate. You may also use a hand-held bell or cymbal for the purpose of sound cleaning and charging.

10. Brown rice: Another favorite of many. Fill a small container like a bowl or dish with dry brown rice and bury your stones in it. Leave them buried for at least 24 hours. After 24 hours or however long you prefer to leave them buried, dig out your crystals; they are ready for use. You may run them under cool water to remove any powder left from the rice or simply wipe them clean with a soft cloth.

VERY IMPORTANT: Dispose, the rice immediately. Rice and salt are excellent, at absorbing negative energies and highly effective. It is advised to get rid of the used product promptly and right away, after one use. DO NOT USE AGAIN or leave it stored to dispose of later only to forget and accidently cooking it. Get rid of the used rice or salt promptly and right away after the 1st use.

11. Meditation, Breath Work and Intention: Your intention and breath are two powerful tools that can be used to not only clear and cleanse but to also recharge your gemstones with your own intention. For this method, it is ideal you choose a time of day or place, where you can have some quite time. Begin with taking a bath, wear comfortable clothes, light up your favorite candle or incense or open the window, begin by practicing deep breathing. Idea is to relax your mind and body and synchronize it towards healing and moving your thoughts in a deliberate fashion to a central point. Begin by holding your crystal in the palm of your left hand and cover it with the right. Hold the crystal high over your head, close your eyes, and sense a white light energy radiating from your soul, heart and mind going through your hands and illuminating the crystal in your hand. After about a minute or so, bring your hands down and hold them close to your third eye with the crystal still in the palm of your hand, imagine your third eye now fully open and radiating its indigo power to the crystal, what do you see. Now bring the hands down towards your heart and hold the crystal there for few minutes. Begin the deep breaths and blow out deliberately aimed towards the crystal. You just infused it with your own intention after going through the powerful white light cleansing.

Whatever preferred way you choose to clean, clear and charge your gemstones, make sure you are enjoying the process while ensuring they are safe and away from small children and pets and high traffic areas.

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